S2:E8 – Kaitlyn Williams

One of Denver’s hottest artists right now, Kaitlyn Williams, is a pop-star on the rise! But her music is much more than just “pop”. With a diverse background in classical and jazz training, it’s clear why Kaitlyn’s music is breaking barriers and catching fire here in the Denver music scene. We’re thrilled to be premiering her debut song “Do I?” on Season 2 Episode 8 of DownBeat Denver, along with an article from one of Denver’s top publishing companies, 303 Magazine. Link below.

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303 Magazine Article:

A Note From Kaitlyn:

Kaitlyn Williams is a Singer-Songwriter from Denver, Colorado and an all around bad ass. Reveling in her naturally irresistible nature, she may not be reinventing herself, but she sure is reinventing pop music. From Opera, to Jazz, to Pop, Kaitlyn can do it all, and will do it all. She’s a Downbeat award winning singer and the winner of 303 Magazine’s Best Pop Artist of 2019. Stay wide-eyed for what’s in store for this songstress’ bright future. 

Band Members:

Kaitlyn Williams: Lead Singer / Keyboard

namebck: Bass

Dan Quisenberry: Drums

Connor Terrones: Guitar

Links & Mentions:

Email: kaitlynkdubbsmusic@gmail.com

Instagram: @KkaitlynWilliamss 

FaceBook: KKaitlyn Williams

Website: https://www.kdubbsmusic.com/


  1. Better Me
  2. Maybe
  3. Do I?

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S2:E7 – Cass Clayton Band

One of our most decorated artists to date, Cass Clayton, delivers a special performance on Season 2 Episode 7 of DownBeat Denver. Her album “Play Nice” has been charting at #1 on the National R&B Top 50 Album Chart in 2020, as well as #1 on the Roots Music Album in Colorado chart. Cass Clayton has also received numerous COMBO Annual Songwriting Competition awards for her unique talent in songwriting. We’re proud to have the Cass Clayton Band in the studio as they perform 3 original songs, and let us in on their story.

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A note from Cass Clayton:

With a voice loaded with smoky soulfulness, it’s easy to see why Cass Clayton Band is landing on some of the best stages and festivals across the country. CCB has become known for its tight chemistry and high-energy stage presence. Clayton is a songwriter’s songwriter, lyrically and musically, and she takes care to speak her heart and mind and share her journey with the listener. Her new album, PLAY NICE, pulls together disparate influences but ties it all up in a framework that would seem as at home in Muscle Shoals or on Beale Street as it would on Michigan Avenue or Sunset Boulevard – and that’s no accident. Known for their non-denominational approach to music and genre, CCB blends rock, R&B, funk, blues and soul into their own contemporary sound. 

The band’s 2018 album won ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2018 in the Colorado Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards. In addition, Cass has been voted as one of the top 3 slide guitar players in Colorado and top 2 vocalists (CO Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards). Her new album, PLAY NICE, has already won 2 songwriting awards since its July, 2019 release and was up for Grammy consideration. PLAY NICE was #1 on the National R&B Album Chart in December and also #1 Roots Music Album in Colorado.

Band Members:

Cass Clayton: Lead Vocals 

Loren Phillips: Bass & Background Vocals 

Dann Burke: Lead Guitar 

Steve Saviano: Drums 

John Stilwagen Keys & Organ

Links & Mentions:

Email: cassclayton@gmail.com

Website: www.cassclayton.com

Instagram: @cassclayton108

Facebook: @cassclayton1

Spotify & Apple Music: Cass Clayton


1. You’ll See

2. Doesn’t Make Sense

3. Little Things

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S2:E6 – The Barrelors

What do you get when you take bits and pieces from all of your greatest musical inspirations, and distill it down over and over again? The answer is Small Batch Blues. At least that’s what local Denver band The Barrelors are calling it! Tune in to Season 2 Episode 7 to watch The Barrelors play their 3 original songs, and catch some insight on their thoughts on the state of the current music industry, how they got started, where they’re headed, and much more!

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A note from The Barrelors:

We’re The Barrelors. We distill a mountain of blues, rock, twang, and funk into our own cask-strength sound, and you’ll never get the same batch twice. The three of us have been performing and writing together since January of 2017. We’ve got Ben Lacy on lead vocals and guitar, Nathan Bryant thumpin’ bass and harmonizing, and Ryan Milliron holding down drums, aux percussion, and backup vocals. We’re in the process of finishing up enough material for an LP and booking a badass 2020 in and around Denver. Content available on all streaming platforms, pick your poison. Keep up to date on thebarrelors.com or any of the
usual social media suspects.

Links & Mentions:

Email: thebarrelors@gmail.com

Facebook& Instagram: The Barrelors

Band Members:

Ben Lacy: Lead Vocals & Guitar

Nathan Bryant: Bass & Backup Vocals

Ryan Milliron: Drums & Percussion


A Man Named Dale

Not That Mad

15 Miles

S2:E5 – Cara Elizabeth

Join us for Season 2: Episode 5 of DownBeat Denver as singer songwriter Cara Elizabeth delivers 3 powerful performances of her original songs Daydreaming, Starseed, and Bricks N’ Bottles. Backed by Bassist Keith Summers, Cara let’s us in on her “non-neurotypical” mind, and reveals her brilliance through songs about love, aliens, and a maddening apocalypse.

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A Note from Cara:

My name is Cara Elizabeth, and I am a singer-songwriter from the front range of Colorado. I got inspired by the mountain music scene in Durango, Colorado to pursue music as a profession. Some people describe my music as an acoustic soul. It is hard to limit myself to one genre. I would say I am a mix of folk, indie, blues and Americana.

Links & Mentions:

Email: ckeyser88@gmail.com

Web: https://www.reverbnation.com/caraelizabethmusic

Instagram: @caraelizabethmusic

Facebook: @caraelizabeth88


Keith Summers

Instagram: @barefootcreativestudio

S2:E4 – Monk Gyatso

Ecstasy is in the air with Monk Gyatso on Season 2 Episode 4 of DownBeat Denver. Bringing you what we consider to be “The Denver Sound”, with high energy soul, funk, and jazz influences. Monk Gyatso is made up of a group of talented young musicians who formed after becoming friends in the Denver University music community. We love the excitement that surrounds this group, and had a hilariously fun time making this episode! Put your dancin’ shoes on and get ready to groove with Monk Gyatso live on DownBeat Denver. Enjoy!


Colin Holter – Lead Vocal, Keyboard

Eli Leppla – Bass, Backup Vocal

Ethan Michael – Guitar

Chris Panish – Drums

Kevin Cincotta – Alto Sax

Carl Berner – Tenor Sax & Flute

Quinn Dymalski – Baritone Sax

Links & Mentions:

Instagram: @monkgyatso.music

Facebook: Monk Gyatso

S2:E3 – Roma Ransom

Join us for Episode 3 of DownBeat Denver, as Roma Ransom takes us on a musical journey. Inspired by the likes of Django Reinhardt, Roma Ransom is bringing a totally fresh and unique take on traditional “Jazz Manouche” or “Gyspy Jazz”. Grace and Gordon share a wonderful history and musical chemistry together. They speak a common language as they communicate through their eyes, body, and instruments. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Roma Ransom live on DownBeat Denver!

A word from the band… Roma Ransom began as a musical group after Grace and Gordon began busking on the streets of Springfield, Missouri and shortly after we began dating. Our first gig was at Gem of India where we defined our sound. After a brief stint of gigs we took our act on the road. We relocated to Colorado Springs in 2011 for more musical opportunities and have traveled throughout the US on tour in the past few years. We love music from every culture and we attempt to emulate the sounds of different genres. We play every genre you can imagine, including Country, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Klezmer, Balkan, Classical, Avant Garde, Contemporary, Jazz, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Nepalese/Tibetan, Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Funk, Soul. Our music is best described as eclectic bohemian world psych folk.

Links and mentions:

Instagram: romaransom

Website: http://www.romaransom.com

S2:E2 – Marafiki

Episode 2 of DownBeat Denver features one of Denver’s coolest jam bands, Marafiki. Childhood friends who call the Rocky Mountain Front Range home, Marafiki is delivering a fusion of psych rock, jazz, and funk. Only 1 year together, and they are already turning heads with their new album Third Breeze, which landed itself on Spotify’s “State Of Jazz” playlist. Dig in, and enjoy the Mile High vibes from Marafiki. Thank you DownBeat community for helping us support these amazing local musicians. If you like what we’re doing, please Subscribe. Thank you immensely for watching! M&M

A word from the band…. Marafiki is a progressive fusion of rock, jazz, and funk to lift your spirit and catch your curiosity. An amalgamation of influences throughout the decades directed the sonic path for this experimental voyage. Trust the twists and turns to bring you into a head-nodding, hypnotic state of euphoria. Marafiki are long time friends from Golden, Colorado, they are brothers before they formed the band. Their debut performance was in the courtyard of their high school, crashing the graduation party unannounced. Marafiki has been playing in Denver only for the last year, and began releasing songs in the beginning of 2019. There album Third Breeze, was released on September 25th, 2019. Marafiki translates to ‘my friends’ in Swahili, and you can hear friendship in the music. Guitarists Nathan Perkins and Maverick Corley deliver tasty 70’s reminiscent riffs, while bassist Wes Hughes offers intriguing counter melodies that lock in with Shane Oltmanns high energy drumming. Largely an instrumental group, Marafiki lets the music speak for itself, offering that the listener create their own perspective of the music.

Links and Mentions – Instagram: @marafikiofficial Facebook: @marafikiband