S2:E6 – The Barrelors

What do you get when you take bits and pieces from all of your greatest musical inspirations, and distill it down over and over again? The answer is Small Batch Blues. At least that’s what local Denver band The Barrelors are calling it! Tune in to Season 2 Episode 7 to watch The Barrelors play their 3 original songs, and catch some insight on their thoughts on the state of the current music industry, how they got started, where they’re headed, and much more!

Thank you immensely for watching! We hope you enjoy.


A note from The Barrelors:

We’re The Barrelors. We distill a mountain of blues, rock, twang, and funk into our own cask-strength sound, and you’ll never get the same batch twice. The three of us have been performing and writing together since January of 2017. We’ve got Ben Lacy on lead vocals and guitar, Nathan Bryant thumpin’ bass and harmonizing, and Ryan Milliron holding down drums, aux percussion, and backup vocals. We’re in the process of finishing up enough material for an LP and booking a badass 2020 in and around Denver. Content available on all streaming platforms, pick your poison. Keep up to date on thebarrelors.com or any of the
usual social media suspects.

Links & Mentions:

Email: thebarrelors@gmail.com

Facebook& Instagram: The Barrelors

Band Members:

Ben Lacy: Lead Vocals & Guitar

Nathan Bryant: Bass & Backup Vocals

Ryan Milliron: Drums & Percussion


A Man Named Dale

Not That Mad

15 Miles