S2:E7 – Cass Clayton Band

One of our most decorated artists to date, Cass Clayton, delivers a special performance on Season 2 Episode 7 of DownBeat Denver. Her album “Play Nice” has been charting at #1 on the National R&B Top 50 Album Chart in 2020, as well as #1 on the Roots Music Album in Colorado chart. Cass Clayton has also received numerous COMBO Annual Songwriting Competition awards for her unique talent in songwriting. We’re proud to have the Cass Clayton Band in the studio as they perform 3 original songs, and let us in on their story.

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A note from Cass Clayton:

With a voice loaded with smoky soulfulness, it’s easy to see why Cass Clayton Band is landing on some of the best stages and festivals across the country. CCB has become known for its tight chemistry and high-energy stage presence. Clayton is a songwriter’s songwriter, lyrically and musically, and she takes care to speak her heart and mind and share her journey with the listener. Her new album, PLAY NICE, pulls together disparate influences but ties it all up in a framework that would seem as at home in Muscle Shoals or on Beale Street as it would on Michigan Avenue or Sunset Boulevard – and that’s no accident. Known for their non-denominational approach to music and genre, CCB blends rock, R&B, funk, blues and soul into their own contemporary sound. 

The band’s 2018 album won ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2018 in the Colorado Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards. In addition, Cass has been voted as one of the top 3 slide guitar players in Colorado and top 2 vocalists (CO Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards). Her new album, PLAY NICE, has already won 2 songwriting awards since its July, 2019 release and was up for Grammy consideration. PLAY NICE was #1 on the National R&B Album Chart in December and also #1 Roots Music Album in Colorado.

Band Members:

Cass Clayton: Lead Vocals 

Loren Phillips: Bass & Background Vocals 

Dann Burke: Lead Guitar 

Steve Saviano: Drums 

John Stilwagen Keys & Organ

Links & Mentions:

Email: cassclayton@gmail.com

Website: www.cassclayton.com

Instagram: @cassclayton108

Facebook: @cassclayton1

Spotify & Apple Music: Cass Clayton


1. You’ll See

2. Doesn’t Make Sense

3. Little Things

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