S1:E7 – Amazing Adventures

Episode 7! Thank you DownBeat Denver community for helping us support these amazing local musicians. You rock!

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About our guest: Denver based “Psych Rock Indy Pop” band lead by Donovan Armijo stop by the studio to perform their unique jazz inspired “buzz inducing” wall-of-sound. Maybe, along the way you’ll discover something about yourself or the world in which you inhabit with Amazing Adventures.

[From the band] The buzz: “It’s like if Mac Demarco actually knew how to do jazz stuff but was also better and played more pop punk…Idk but they’re really good.”- Exciting Basement Fest Vol. 2

The truth: Cosmic radiation filtered through the delicate electrical connections of organic machinery and transmitted as sonic waves

Most likely to: Study biology 

Least likely to: Pass on a yacht party 

File next to: Steeley Dan, Specific Ocean, Streetlight Manifesto, Homeshake, Men’s Breakfast, Kandin, Michael McDonald, (lowkey Jack Johnson) Board of Directors: Donovan Armijo (vocals/guitar), Adriana Perez (drumset), Anna Panella (trombone), Kevin Cincotta(Keys), Bridget Hartman (Saxophone), Ben Parrish (Bass).

Memorandum: Stay posted for our debut album “Burdens of Leisure” coming fall of 2019.

Links and Mentions:

Instagram: @amazing_adventures_music

ORPHEUS MUSIC FEST https://www.orpheusfest.com

UPSLOPE Brewing Co https://www.upslopebrewing.com

STEM Ciders http://stemciders.com

Merch! DM on Insta, they’re sure to help up your band shirt game @cereza_music @somethinglikeseduction @thesoltones

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