S1:E5 – Cereza

Episode 5! Thank you to the DownBeat Denver community for helping us support these amazing local musicians. You rock! We have a goal, and with your help we can reach 100 subscribers. If you’re an artist or have a (reasonable) guest recommendation, let us know. Thank you immensely for watching! M&M

About our guest: Cereza is an alternative rock band comprised of 4 young Denver musicians. Drummer Keelan McDorman and front man Joseph Figueroa started creating music together in 2018. Since then, they’ve added bassist Dante Robledo and guitarist Sergio Castorena. Together, Cereza is making a big splash in the Denver music scene. You can catch them live around the local music circuit, or listen to their self-titled EP on all all streaming platforms.

Links and Mentions:

Cereza | Instagram: @cereza_music

Odell Brewing – Colorado Lager https://www.odellbrewing.com/beer/colorado-lager/

Odell Brewing – Drumroll APA https://www.odellbrewing.com/beer/drumroll/

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