S2:E2 – Marafiki

Episode 2 of DownBeat Denver features one of Denver’s coolest jam bands, Marafiki. Childhood friends who call the Rocky Mountain Front Range home, Marafiki is delivering a fusion of psych rock, jazz, and funk. Only 1 year together, and they are already turning heads with their new album Third Breeze, which landed itself on Spotify’s “State Of Jazz” playlist. Dig in, and enjoy the Mile High vibes from Marafiki. Thank you DownBeat community for helping us support these amazing local musicians. If you like what we’re doing, please Subscribe. Thank you immensely for watching! M&M

A word from the band…. Marafiki is a progressive fusion of rock, jazz, and funk to lift your spirit and catch your curiosity. An amalgamation of influences throughout the decades directed the sonic path for this experimental voyage. Trust the twists and turns to bring you into a head-nodding, hypnotic state of euphoria. Marafiki are long time friends from Golden, Colorado, they are brothers before they formed the band. Their debut performance was in the courtyard of their high school, crashing the graduation party unannounced. Marafiki has been playing in Denver only for the last year, and began releasing songs in the beginning of 2019. There album Third Breeze, was released on September 25th, 2019. Marafiki translates to ‘my friends’ in Swahili, and you can hear friendship in the music. Guitarists Nathan Perkins and Maverick Corley deliver tasty 70’s reminiscent riffs, while bassist Wes Hughes offers intriguing counter melodies that lock in with Shane Oltmanns high energy drumming. Largely an instrumental group, Marafiki lets the music speak for itself, offering that the listener create their own perspective of the music.

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