S1:E10 – Claire Heywood – Season Finale!

Season Finale! Episode 10 Thank you DownBeat Denver community for helping us support these amazing local musicians. You rock! As we reach the end of our first Season, we’re overwhelmed with thankfulness for those in our lives that have supported our endeavor. Thank you so, we love you! During our downtime please continue to stay in contact as we have more planned. If you’re an artist or have a (reasonable) guest recommendation, let us know. Thank you immensely for watching! M&M

About our guest: CLAIRE HEYWOOD is a singer-songwriter who has gained recognition in Denver for her smoky, emotive voice and “thoughtfully measured lyrics and melodies.” (Westword) ​

A longtime creative writer, Heywood quietly explored the crafts of vocal performance and songwriting alone in her bedroom for two years before beginning to play solo sets in small listening rooms, mostly in connection with Colorado’s literary / arts scene. ​

In late 2017, Heywood met producer and studio owner Joshua Olsen at Syntax Physic Opera’s open mic. They collaborated to record her first release with a full band, who gathered to record over the course of six months at Third & James Studios.

The band includes local writer Rebecca Hannigan on backup vocals, AMZY drummer Wes Barton, bassist Trevor Vader, Duncan Britt on keys, and guitarist Mike Sandoval. ​

Heywood released The Wind, It Howls independently with a full-band set at Syntax Physic Opera in March 2019. 303 Magazine called the record “a deeply personal — yet unequivocally relatable — account of love and loss, redemption and healing.” ​

“Her mature vocals and thoughtfully crafted lyrics make it hard to believe that Heywood has only been seriously pursuing songwriting for the past few years. With such a strong introduction to the music scene, it’s clear that Heywood’s is a voice that refuses to go unnoticed.” ​

Listen to The Wind, It Howls or catch Claire Heywood & her band at Hi Dive July 13 and at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase July 26-28.

Band: Wes Barton (Drums): @the.wb on Instagram Trevor Vader (Bass) @ratchet_dad on Instagram Duncan Britt (Keys) @duncan_britt_music on Instagram Mike Sandoval (Guitar) @olscrapiron on Instagram Rebecca Hannigan (Backup vocals, percussion) @rwehappyigan

Links and Mentions: CLAIRE HEYWOOD | Instagram: @claireaheywood | Facebook: @claireheywoodmusic | Elevation Beer Co. http://elevationbeerco.com/beer/7437-2/ | Boulder Beer Co. – Gender Fluid http://boulderbeer.com/gender-fluid

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